“Just a casual and relaxed Friday night. Burritos with all the fixings topped with sour cream and Copper Kettle Tomatillo Serrano Sauce. OMG..OMG!! Carrie and Jaman..it is SO, SO good! It made the meal.”
- Stephen L., Bowen Island, BC
“We would like to order 2 more 6 packs. It only took two burgers for my husband to become completely addicted to your ketchup!”
- Shana R., Bowen Island, BC
“I marinated some tempeh in the Jamaican Jerk Wet Rub then crumbled it on a buckwheat and cucumber salad. The heat was just right for me with the cucumbers to cool it down. Yummy!”
- Renee W., Mississauga, ON
“Ok ... so all those sauces are amazing. I want at least 3 more 6 packs to give to my family and friends. We are both big fans of the hot ones, with the apple habanero being the favorite ... the carrots add such a nice bass note to the trebley apple/chili .... mmmmm.”
- Drew C., Bowen Island, BC
“We’ve been inspired to make three new dishes this week alone. Using your sauces we created a new twist on my decadent mole sauce, a fabulous marinade and a yummy south-west salad dressing.”
- Leah D., Bowen Island, BC
“Tonight I marinated some portabella mushrooms in the Copper Kettle Jamaican Jerk Wet Rub to make “steak” mushroom fajitas! The result was incredible deliciousness...to the very last bite!”
- Jessica B., Vancouver, BC
“I keep meaning to write to let you know how much we loooove your sauces! Every morning our duck eggs enjoy one of your vegan sauces!! A great way to kick start the day, all so so good!”
- Jeni R., Bowen Island, BC
“It has been about 7 hours since I picked up this batch of deliciousness and already we have eaten half the bottle of sour citrus pepper - a clear favourite - with our dinner. We also broke into the 5-spice tomato ketchup. We made lunches for tomorrow (burritos) with the sweet apple habanero (Pernell says it’s just the right amount of heat); and the roasted tomatillo serrano sauce! Well done and thank you for your hard work. We will be ordering more!”
- Kristie S., Vancouver, BC