Pineapples and rum with a serious punch of heat! Copper Kettle Pineapple Rum Habanero Sauce is a thick and creamy hot sauce great to toss over cauliflower wings, spread on your panini or bake on crispy chickpeas for snack attacks. We've been known to dunk our pierogies, pot-stickers and french fries in this too!

Deliver a delightful dish with Copper Kettle Roasted Serrano Tomatillo Sauce as the star ingredient. A mild heat, heavy on flavour, pour it on baked potatoes, add to a pomodoro pasta sauce or mix with an avocado for instant guacamole. 


                                                                                          Did you know that ketchup was invented by the Chinese as a fish sauce called kê-chiap? It was introduced to Europe in the 17th century when British merchants returned with it from South East Asia. With a nod to it's roots, we've created Copper Kettle Five-Spice Tomato Ketchup to smother on all of your favourite North American dishes!                               

Use Copper Kettle Jamaican Jerk Wet Rub as a marinade for portobello mushrooms on the barbecue or add as a topping sauce to instantly elevate any protein. Add a spoonful to intensify heat to black bean soup or mix sparingly with coconut yogurt as a party dip with spice and zip!                     

Copper Kettle Sour Citrus Pepper Sauce lends a burst of medium heat citrus goodness to Latin-inspired dishes such as tacos, chimichangas and instantly enhances veggie ceviche. Give a kick to any vinaigrette salad dressing too!


From hash-browns and sausages to baked beans and toast, Copper Kettle Old English Brown Sauce is the must-have condiment at Sunday brunch. A tangy sauce with hints of pepper made with fresh Granny Smith Apples and Blackstrap Molasses. Mix it half and half with a dark ale and baste on your favourite protein, ready for the BBQ!