Copper Kettle Fine Foods produces gourmet, all natural, 100% plant-based condiments, sauces and marinades in artisanal batches in beautiful, British Columbia. 

Copper Kettle Fine Foods offers a diverse product line incorporating flavours and traditions from around the world. No artificial ingredients. No artificial colours. Transparent ingredient lists, right on the label.




Copper Kettle Fine Foods' current products include Pineapple Rum Habanero Sauce, Jamaican Jerk Wet Rub, Roasted Serrano Tomatillo Sauce and Sour Citrus Pepper Sauce. Coming soon: Five-Spice Tomato Ketchup and Old English Brown Sauce. We also produce seasonal sauces such as Wild Blackberry Barbecue Sauce and Cranberry Chai Hot Sauce. All of our products are vegan, dairy free and most of them are gluten free.





Fresh Ingredients, Sustainability and Low Environmental Footprint are paramount in all aspects of our production. We support local farmers, small businesses and Canadian companies. We dehydrate much of our vegetable waste, grind it and use it as various spice mixes for home use; whatever we can't repurpose, we compost. Copper Kettle Fine Foods uses green cleaning methods throughout the shop and conscientiously uses minimal, recyclable and reusable packaging. And, most importantly, producing only plant-based products is better not only for your health, but also the health of our planet at large, and of course, the animals.

Copper Kettle Fine Foods is a member of the Bowen Agricultural Alliance.


Head to Our Products page to see our transparent ingredient lists, and then click on our Food-Spiration page to let your taste buds explore! 

We look forward to feeding you!

Jaman Lloyd & Carrie Wheeler

Proprietors, Copper Kettle Fine Foods Inc.